Hello, I’m Skylar Wuebker

With working with large companies, as well as becoming a sought after freelance designer, I understand the importance with client relations as well how important perfection is when handling any client media. Currently building greatness at SKYCATCHFIRE  as a front-end web developer, my range of design is quite diverse, spanning from page and web layouts to environmental graphics used in stadiums and tradeshow booths. As a young professional in the field I have become highly recognizable for my excellence by The University of Akron, as well as the work I have done within the community. In addition to completing my Bachelors of Fine Arts and maintaining a major GPA of 3.5, I have also co-founded an organization of young design professionals offering freelance work to local businesses. You can preview projects that I have been a part of locally at creative-folk.com. Currently located in Akron Ohio, I am available for any design and advertising work you may have. Available for travel worldwide.

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